A lot of Filipinos who died of COVID-19 were not given the critical care treatment they needed.

Help us to prevent this from happening again.

what is a RAD Hospital?

In response to the shortage of comfortable, safe and secure isolation and treatment facilities, we developed Rapid Deployment Hospitals.

These are scalable, easy-to-deploy, secure units that can be used as isolation/ intensive care facilities for severe and critical COVID-19 patients.

Decommissioned container vans will be used as the primary building material and each 20' Standard Height Dry Shipping Container is modified to be a negative air pressure unit.

A pool of volunteer architects, container house developers, medical professionals and engineers are the designers of RaD hospitals.

These are stand-alone units that can be configured to create a series of attached structures.

The whole modular complex can be set up in open grounds and can be completely secured and isolated from other buildings and places used by the public.


How a rad hospital is made