Our front-liners are overwhelmed but they don’t need to be.

By donating a minimum of 100 pesos to RaD Hospitals, together we can start building and deploying Hospitals that can house ICU and positive patients.

You can help!

The more healthcare units we can build the safer it will be for you, for me, your family and all the vulnerable ones in our country.

When you donate, you are not just helping the severe/critical PUIs and COVID-19 patients, you are also able to feed a daily wage earner's family as we enlist them to build the RaD Hospitals.

We are not for profit and all proceeds go to our cause.

Donate here now:

Here's how to donate

1. Tap the RaD link above
2. Tap the purple button on the right that says "Give Now"
3. Fill out the form
4. Tap "Donate Now"


Bill of materials

This is Rapid Deployment Hospitals' grocery list for 1 cluster which can provide 6 ICU units for severe and critical PUIs and COVID-19 patients.

We will be building 4 clusters for the Lung Center of the Philippines 

Download PDF